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  • Dollu — Contents 1 Meaning 2 Make 3 Origins 4 External links Meaning Dollu is a musical instrument similar to musical drums but several times bigger and heavier …   Wikipedia

  • Dasari Yoganand — D. Yoganand Born April 16, 1922(1922 04 16) Madras, British India Died November 23, 2006(2006 11 23) (aged 84) Chennai, Tamil Nadu Occupation Film director …   Wikipedia

  • Guruvayurappan — Hdeity infobox| Caption = Lord Guruvayurappan Name = Guruvayurappan Devanagari = गुरूवायुरप्पन Sanskrit Transliteration =guruvāyūrappan Pali Transliteration = Tamil script = Script name = Malayalam Script = ഗുരുവായൂരപ്പന്‍ Affiliation = God of =… …   Wikipedia

  • Loka — Loka, a word in Sanskrit, in Hinduism and Hindu mythology, means world, dimension, plane, abode, and/or place or plane of existence. Puranas In the Puranas there are seven lokas (realms), Bhuloka (earth), Bhuvarloka (air), Svarloka or Svargaloka… …   Wikipedia

  • Jaya-Vijaya — The mythological story goes that the two demigod gate keepers/dwarapalakas (Jaya and Vijaya) of the abode of Vishnu, known as Vaikunta (meaning place of eternal bliss), barred revered sages from entering Vishnu s abode on counts that the lord had …   Wikipedia

  • Causal plane — is a term used in Neo Theosophy, some contemporary Vedanta, the New Age, (especially some channelled communications), and sometimes Occultism, to describe a high spiritual plane of existence. However there is great variation between the different …   Wikipedia

  • Manavala Mamunigal — An article related to Hinduism …   Wikipedia

  • Muthu Thandavar — (1525 1600 CE) was composer of Carnatic music. He was an early architect of the present day Carnatic kriti (song) format, which consists of the pallavi (refrain), anupallavi and charanam. He lived in the town of Sirkazhi in Tamil Nadu. His… …   Wikipedia

  • Manavala Mamuni — Hindu Srivaishnava southern sect traditionwami Manavala Mamuni the most venerated saintSrirangam in southern India is a celebrated pilgrimage centre. It is the only dhivyakshetram sung by all ten azhwars and Andal. It is called Bhuloka Vaikunta.… …   Wikipedia

  • Niraval — also known as Neraval or Sahitya Vinyasa is considered to be one of the important features in the extempore improvisation aspect (Manodharma Sangita) of Carnatic music. Niraval is essentially the extempore construction, elaboration and… …   Wikipedia

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